HIPAA Compliance for the small to medium sized medical practice

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HIPAA compliance for the small to medium sized medical practice


Small and medium sized medical practices are vital to the communities they serve.

Patients deserve a choice when they receive medical care and not everyone is comfortable with large, integrated, corporate healthcare structures. Small and medium size medical practices like yours give patients the option of pursuing care in a smaller, more personalized and nurturing delivery model. Now, thanks to technological advances, independent healthcare providers are able to leverage exciting innovations, outsource workflows and utilize a full and robust technological landscape when treating their patients.

As a result, there are increased opportunities for your patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI) to be compromised. No matter the size of your organization, if Health and Human Services has adopted a standard for an electronic format or data content in connection with a transaction, HIPAA compliance is not optional, it is mandatory and the fines imposed for violations can be severe.

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Our Services

Live seminars and Compliance bootcamps

We recognize that privacy officers in small to medium size medical practices wear many hats and are pressed for time, in response to this HIPAA Connection, LLC has a robust curriculum of trainings, seminars and bootcamps that are interactive, informative and fully customizable to meet the needs of your organization. Break-out sessions, workbooks and individualized compliance plans will help you pinpoint exactly what your organization requires in order to secure PHI.

Templates and template guides

Do you need templates in order to address fundamental Privacy Rule and Security Rule Requirements? Whether it’s Policies and Procedures, Breach Notification compliance documents, job descriptions, audit guides or security forms we can help you identify and implement the appropriate documents needed for your organization.

consulting services

Sometimes, there is a need for a more thorough and comprehensive review of where your practice currently stands from a compliance perspective. The Privacy, Security and Breach Notification rules are complex and it only takes one avoidable gap in HIPAA compliance to have a breach and/or a non-compliance fine issued by The Office of Civil Rights.

HIPAA Training

Health and Human Services requires that healthcare workforce members who handle PHI be provided with regular and current HIPAA training. We can help you customize and deliver training to your providers and staff in accordance with best practices and industry standards.

Know The RUles subscription

This service, offered by our sister company, HIPAA Alli, has over 80 informative and well researched articles, White Papers, audit guides, decision trees and flow charts to keep you updated and current in the ever-evolving HIPAA compliance landscape.

Business Associate Due Diligence and Business Associate MAnagement

$7.1 million has been collected by The Office of Civil Rights from only 4 different breaches involving Business Associates. The statistics around breaches involving Business Associates are alarming and the numbers are going up. Conducting Business Associate Due Diligence and managing your third party vendors are essential components to securing Protected Health Information (PHI).


Security has always been a people issue. The toughest security problem is getting people to understand. It’s the same issue we had five years ago: It’s going to be the same issue five years from now.
— Jigar Kadakia, CISO at Partners Healthcare


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